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Test Drive: Challenger SRT Hellcat unleashed

If you're not a automobile junkie, the numbers attached to the new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat might not mean much to you.

Test Drive: Upgraded Honda CR-V still king of ...

Little things about Honda vehicles make me smile.

Test Drive: Volvo S80 gets four-cylinder turbo option ...

Volvo's stated corporate strategy is to ask itself: "What can we do to make the customer's life better, easier or more comfortable?"

Test Drive: New Colorado takes aim at midsize ...

Is there a market for a baby Chevy Silverado?

Test Drive: Range Rover, king of luxury SUVs

If you want to climb over boulders while eating caviar on a cracker, this is your ride. Later, you might even want to drag race a Camaro while taking a short-cut across a creek bed.

Test Drive: Ford ponies up for new-look Mustang

About once a decade, Ford goes back to the drawing board to keep the Mustang polished and packed with modern automotive goodness.

Test Drive: Nissan Frontier — a rugged, practical ...

Let's face it, most people who drive pickups for basic transportation don't need big, half-ton work trucks such as the Nissan Titan or the Ford F-150. For folks who just need a truck to get the kids to school, or maybe to haul an occasional Christmas tree or a pile of mulch, a compact truck does the job perfectly.

Test Drive: Kia Sedona gets handsome redesign

Typically, I spend about five minutes a year thinking about minivans — and I'm a car guy.

Test Drive: Toyota burnishes Camry's crown

Toyota Camry, America's best-selling car, gets a major update for the 2015 model year -- two years ahead of schedule.

Test Drive: New Escalade not for the bashful

Taking the wheel of the new Cadillac Escalade — especially one painted Raven Black with a mirror finish — requires a certain hey-look-at-me attitude.

Test Drive: Q3 rounds out Audi's SUV lineup

Picking out your new Audi SUV is now as easy as ordering a fountain drink at McDonald's. Just pull up to the showroom and say small, medium or large.

Test Drive: Audi A3 Cabriolet: A drop-top dynamo

Fresh off the heels of the release of the sensational new 2015 A3 sedan last spring, Audi is now shipping to American shores a great example of late-summer road candy.

Test Drive: Outbacks rock on mountain roads

Kelly Subaru sales manager Steve Marlin reports an eager customer recently spotted a tractor-trailer truck hauling 2015 Outbacks over Monteagle Mountain and tailed it all the way to his Chattanooga dealership.

Test Drive: Heavy-duty silverado has torque to burn

Once upon a time — before the Great Recession spread darkness across the land — some guys bought three-quarter ton pickup trucks just because they look cool.

Test Drive: Acura TLX, best of two worlds

To borrow a line from an old Certs commercial, the new Acura TLX sedan is "two, two, two cars in one."

Test Drive: MKC compact crossover does not downsize ...

Talk about striking when the iron is hot. The new Lincoln MKC luxury compact crossover is arriving just in time to capitalize on a red-hot market segment.

Test Drive: Dodge Durango offers power, refinement

It took "Anchorman" character Ron Burgundy (aka comedian Will Ferrell) to call America's attention to the Dodge Durango.

Test Drive: New Hyundai Sonata raises stakes

It seems like only yesterday that a redesign of the Hyundai Sonata sedan set the auto industry abuzz.

Test Drive: Scorching new GTI is Volkswagen's wild ...

If the new seven-passenger SUV to be made in Chattanooga represents Volkswagen's practical side, the new Golf GTI compact car is VW with its hair on fire.

Biz Bulletin: What to watch out for when ...

Q: Our family is looking to get a used car soon. Does the BBB have any tips to consider before making a purchase?

Test Drive: VW CrossBlue faces tough competition

Take a deep breath, Chattanooga.

Big Five: Top selling vehicle brands in Chattanooga

During the first five months of 2014, the top selling brands for new car and trucks sales in Hamilton County were:

Test Drive: Chrysler 200 reboot scores

Sometimes new-car upgrades are evolutionary, modest tweaks to an already refined product.

Test Drive: Volvo drops thrifty engines into S60 ...

Some of the specs on this week's test car, the Volvo S60 T6, almost look like misprints.

Test Drive: Genesis leaps ahead in design, safety

The Super Bowl television ad for the 2015 Hyundai Genesis shows a dad with quick reflexes saving his accident-prone son from the perils of childhood: nearly colliding with another child on a swing set, almost running into a flaming-hot charcoal grill, and practically falling into a lake.

Test Drive: Kia Soul gets new design for ...

When the first-generation Kia Soul hit the market in 2009, it was part of a wave of boxy, urban commuter cars (think Nissan Cube and Scion xB). But it has since emerged from the pack as the sales star of the segment.

Test Drive: Porsche Macan S is chip off ...

Porsche dealers have longed for a baby sibling to the midsize Cayenne, which virtually created the market for high-performance luxury crossover SUVs.

Test Drive: Infiniti QX80 exudes quiet power

When you've been around the block a couple of times like some of us, you learn to connect the dots on seemingly random events.

Test Drive: Mustang convertible lifts spirits

The Ford Mustang GT convertible with its snarling 420-horsepower V-8 motor gets my vote for the most mood-altering car on American highways.

Test Drive: Santa Fe Sport: Fun-for-families

In the latest USA Today/Cars.com comparison test of three-row-seat SUVs, the first-place winner was the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited.

Test Drive: Tahoe gets face-lift, more refinement

Chevrolet’s full-size Tahoe SUV is the official pace car of the Chattanooga Area Soccer Moms’ Grand Prix.

Zip Flip: Partners polish used-car buying app for ...

This year, an estimated 11 million people will scrawl a phone number on a “for sale” sign and tape it to the back window of an unloved automobile, with hopes to make more from the sale than they would from selling their car to an auto dealer.

Test Drive: Honda Civic Coupe has bold new ...

Honda’s new Civic TV spot features a gritty product anthem called “Today is Pretty Great” by blues-rock band Vintage Trouble.

Consumer Watch: How to negotiate for best car ...

Q: I’m shopping around for a new car but am really confused by all the ads, sales, “best deals,” and the like. Can you give me a few easy tips that will save me money in the long run? — Annie Auto

Test Drive: New Audi A3, third time’s a ...

It’s Audi’s corporate strategy to “become the leading brand worldwide in the premium car segment.”

Test Drive: New Chevy SS, a stealth car

If the new Chevrolet SS Sedan is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s at least a tiger in a turtleneck.

Test Drive: Crosstrek hybrid adds economy, punch

Bad weather is good news for Subaru.

Test Drive: New Cadillac 'electrifies' city

Pretend it’s 1995 and all of your friends have big old cellphones the size of Claxton fruitcakes.

Test Drive: New 2014 Audi A7 sleek, sophisticated

If your impression of Audi automobiles is that they are just gussied up VWs, please turn your attention to the five-passenger Audi A7 hatchback.

Test Drive: Lexus GX 460 both rugged and ...

There are some luxury vehicles I'd described as SINOs. My acronym — a total contrivance — stands for "SUVs-in-name-only," and you know the type.

Test Drive: A pocket rocket to fit your ...

Assume for a second that you could buy a car with a highway mpg rivaling a Toyota Prius, but that's also capable of bursts of low-end power that surpass a six-cylinder Chevrolet Camaro.

Lexus tops 2014 vehicle dependability list

The race to increase vehicle fuel economy is taking a toll on quality.

Test Drive: Psst, check out the new Passat

Lost in the hubbub over the union vote this week at the Volkswagen assembly plant is an important fact: Workers there continue to churn out some of the most solid, practical sedans made in North America.

Test Drive: Kia Sorento rings the bell on ...

It's only February, but 2015 Kias are already hitting the ground here.

Test Drive: New Highlander takes the high road

Toyota’s successful Highlander crossover SUV enters its third generation for the 2014 model year with more space, interior refinements and more purposeful sheet metal.

VW Super Bowl ad features Chattanooga-made Passat (with ...

Volkswagen is touting German engineering -- and its Chattanooga-made Passat -- in a online teaser ad for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial.

Horn: Volkswagen needs two new SUVs in the ...

Newly named Volkswagen of America chief Michael Horn said the automaker needs not just a seven-seat sport utility vehicle, which the Chattanooga assembly plant is the leading contender to build, but a new compact SUV as well.

Jetta, small SUV production eyed for Chattanooga

Already the frontrunner to assemble a new sport utility vehicle, Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant also could see even more product such as the Jetta compact car, according to a report Friday.

Test Drive: Mazda CX-5 gets power boost

Whether you're talking birthday parties or SUVs, extra punch is good.

VW Passat family growing; wider line may bolster ...

DETROIT — The Volkswagen Passat family is growing -- a move that could bolster production of the midsize sedan at the company's Chattanooga plant.

Test Drive: New Regal completes Buick's trifecta

Buick's mid-size Regal sedan gets a standard 259-horsepower, turbocharged engine for 2014 -- an upgrade that makes it a scorching-hot competitor in the sport sedan world.

Test Drive: Chevrolet Volt a high-powered package

Any discussion of the new breed of plug-in hybrid cars such as the Chevy Volt starts with the bottom line.

VW's 'Chattanooga Story' turns heads in film world

Volkswagen officials knew they were making history when the German automaker decided to bring vehicle production back to the U.S., with its $1 billion Chattanooga plant helping put VW on an arc toward its goal -- to become the world's largest car company.

Consumer Watch: Pre-arranging mechanic helps avoid problems

I have some of the smartest readers on the face of the planet. Following my recent column about auto repair rip-offs, I received an email from local resident Ray Cherry who added a great tip to those I suggested. Mr. Cherry has made life much easier over the years for his wife with respect to vehicles out of warranty and how to fix those bugaboos that pop up.

Consumer Watch: How to avoid an auto repair ...

I think the local auto mechanic ripped me off recently. Before my car needs another tune up (or a second opinion), what steps should I take to avoid problems like what I think I've experienced? — Adam Auto

American auto sales roar back in May, led ...

Full-size pickups once again dominated U.S. auto sales in May

'55 Chevy could bring $450,000 at Classic Auto ...

If you've always wanted a restored classic car and have at least $30,000 to spend, the first Choo Choo Classic Auto Expo will be the place to be on Saturday.

Clean diesel technology coming to more vehicles

What do the Chevrolet Cruze, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mazda6 have in common? Generally, not much.

Detroit’s Big Three Score High on Quality Survey

The Detroit Three did surprisingly well on Strategic Vision’s 2013 quality study, with the Dodge Dart, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Volt getting the best scores in their respective segments.

Big Pickup Trucks Rumble Back from Sales Slump

Big, burly pickups — dismissed as dinosaurs five years ago — will probably lead the auto industry in sales growth this year.

Detroit boosted by truck sales — Honda, Toyota ...

Ford, GM, Chrysler and Nissan all reported double-digit U.S. sales increases last month, signaling the best April for car and truck sales in six years.

Racing efforts helping General Motors improve its vehicles

No brand competes in as many North American racing series as Chevrolet

The full-size car is alive and attempting a ...

Several years ago, I asked then-GM Vice President Bob Lutz what he thought the prospects were for full-size automobiles, which were once the heart and soul of the American market.

No let down for U.S. auto sales in ...

America is getting back to work, and it needs pickup trucks.

Ford challenges developers to create useful efficiency app

Ford wants to help customers more accurately measure the fuel economy of their Ford vehicles to demonstrate the fuel economy of certain models.

2012 cars will set new record for fuel ...

The Environmental Protection Agency says that model year 2012 cars and trucks will have the highest ever real-world average fuel economy.

German designer bet on Chrysler, resulting in exceptional ...

Klaus Busse can laugh now about his first trip to the Texas State Fair in 2005 to study how pickup owners drove and worshipped their rigs.

U.S. auto sales power ahead in February

Americans want new cars and trucks, and they’re not letting higher gas prices or political dysfunction stand in their way.

2013 Volkswagen Tiguan: ‘GTI of compact SUVs’

Volkswagen first introduced the all-new Tiguan SUV to the American marketplace in 2009.

Can Chevy’s new diesel break through negative perceptions?

Chevrolet announced last week that in June it will begin selling the 2014 Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel, the first diesel passenger car offered by a Detroit automaker since the 1986 Chevrolet Chevette

Lexus, Porsche, Toyota, Lincoln lead auto dependability study

Lexus, Porsche, Toyota and Lincoln had the best records in the 2013 J.D. Power and Associates vehicle dependability study.

Automakers see big U.S. sales gains in January

American consumers ignored tax increases and trudged through winter weather to buy new cars and trucks at an unusually strong pace last month.

Winners and losers picked from Detroit Auto Show

Who stole the auto show? Who should’ve stayed home?

Auto show debuts go for flash, fuel efficiency

The 2013 North American International Auto Show offers convincing evidence that designing and making flashy, fuel-efficient and fun vehicles is cool again.

American auto industry exuberant going into 2013

Car companies were positively giddy this week as the North American International Auto Show opened in Detroit

Chevy Sonic helping General Motors with its comeback

Chevy Sonic helping General Motors with its comeback

2013 auto sales will be strong, industry research ...

A healthier economy and more model introductions should push U.S. auto sales above the 15 million mark this year, predicts an auto industry research firm.

Iconic Chevrolet Corvette celebrates 60th birthday

Iconic Chevrolet Corvette celebrates 60th birthday

GM aims to regain dominance in American pickup ...

With a new generation of Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks introduced Thursday, General Motors Co. is driving into rugged terrain.

Buying used cars may be a great holiday ...

If you’re looking for a car, love snow. Love ice. Delight in shivering. Used car prices tend to dip when the weather is cold, and deals are best in winter.

Automakers find many roads to increasing fuel economy

With consumers and the government demanding ever-higher fuel economy, automakers are tripping over one another at this year’s auto show to trumpet technologies that squeeze more miles out of a fuel tank or an electric charge.

Seven hot cars steal spotlight at Los Angeles ...

The annual Los Angeles Auto Show opened to the media Wednesday at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

‘Connected’ cars would aim to keep drivers in ...

While Google’s self-driving car is getting heaps of attention, a lesser-known effort that would employ cutting edge technologies to make regular automobiles safer is fast gaining traction.

Prices of used cars expected to rise after ...

The storm destroyed about 250,000 used vehicles on the East Coast, and maybe more, according to estimates by the National Automobile Dealers Association.

Chrysler makes significant gains, Ford sales up slightly

Sales at Chrysler rose 10 percent last month, while Ford sales increased slightly as both automakers reported decent months despite Superstorm Sandy washing out three days of business on the East Coast.

Honda’s plan to double sales puts it on ...

In an ambitious and risky expansion, Honda will nearly double global car sales to 6 million a year by 2017, the company’s leader recently said in Japan. Honda will also increase motorcycle sales 67 percent to 25 million by the fiscal year that will end March 31, 2017, President and CEO Takanobu Ito declared.

Americans shun colored cars in favor of neutral ...

When it comes to autos, white is the new white.

Kelly Infiniti trusted name in service

Centered around the annually popular and best-selling Infiniti G37, Chattanooga’s Kelly Infiniti dealership has displayed a particular amount of maturity and drive when it comes to sales and service.

New Honda Accord delivers value

The newest edition of the Honda Accord has undergone about $4,000 in additions — but they only equate to a few hundred- dollar increase on the retail price.

Sales of full-size trucks soar 10.9 percent through ...

Big pickups always cast long shadows. But they loom especially large these days as growing truck sales suggest increasing grass-roots confidence in the economy.

Kelly offering deals on Outlander Sport

Kelly Subaru Mitsubishi is ushering in the newest version of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, and is offering it with attractive incentives and features.

Eco-friendly cars, small SUVs drive August auto sales ...

Auto sales surged in August as consumers reacted to higher gas prices by snapping up fuel-efficient cars and small sport utility vehicles.

Pickup trucks drive American auto sales to three-year ...

Big pickups have carried U.S. auto sales to their highest level in three years.

Cadillac to reveal 10 redesigned, new cars within ...

General Motors plans to introduce 10 all-new or redesigned Cadillacs within the next three years, executives said Tuesday.

Auto buyers are more satisfied with major automakers, ...

Customer satisfaction with major automakers has returned to its highest point in the nearly 20 years of the widely tracked American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Early August U.S. auto sales match July's pace

It may be the dog days of August, but auto sales aren’t slowing.

GM to stick with marketing strategies, including returns

General Motors’ sales slipped 6.4 percent in July, but the automaker has no plans to abandon its U.S. marketing strategies after its global chief marketing officer exited abruptly Sunday.

July auto sales stay strong

The economic news remains mixed, but that hasn’t slowed car buyers down in July.

Some automakers push 2013 models, others have leftovers

Every year automakers launch a barrage of advertisements pitching how they need to clear out the current year’s vehicles to make way for new model year inventory.

Car loan terms continue to loosen up nationally

For car buyers seeking auto loans, happy days are here again.

Chevrolet steps up promotions to boost sagging market ...

Chevrolet will allow buyers to return their cars for a full refund as long as they have less than 4,000 miles driven and no damage.

Porsche Boxster gets makeover for ’13

The 2013 Porsche Boxster, available for purchase at Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche of Chattanooga, is a completely redesigned and improved iteration of its popular mid-engine roadster.

GE builds green-car testing ground for corporate fleets

One of the world’s top leasing companies is betting that corporations with fleets of cars and trucks increasingly will want them to be powered by electricity and other alternatives to fossil fuels.

Volkswagen elbows its way into mainstream U.S. market

Volkswagen will step up its presence in the crossover-SUV market in a big way as the automaker elbows its way into the mainstream of the U.S. car market.

Easier credit, new models keep U.S. auto sales ...

Easier credit, hot new cars and falling gas prices kept Americans buying vehicles at a strong pace in May despite bad economic news.

Best new car bargains are found for outgoing ...

If you want to save money on a new car, look for an older model that is about to be replaced.

U.S. collector car market now returns to pre-recession ...

The collector car market, which slumped with the economy, is coming back along with the rest of the auto industry.

Ford brings contrasts of gas, electric cars into ...

Car shoppers will soon find two Ford Focus sedans sitting side by side when they visit the dealership — one with a gas tank and another with batteries.

Newest auto tech innovations reach America’s showrooms

When was the last time you bought a new car or truck? If shoulder pads were fashionable, you’re in for a surprise when you walk into a new car showroom. Even if it’s been only five years since your new set of wheels, you’d be amazed at the technology missing in your car.

Chrysler, Toyota, Volkswagen take lead in April auto ...

Auto sales maintained a strong pace in April, but some carmakers — especially Chrysler, Volkswagen and Toyota — had a decided advantage.

Ford now brags about small engines, high fuel ...

Ford and other automakers have downsized by making engines with equal or greater power than the engines they replace.

Car prices edge up as buyers shell out ...

Vehicles are fetching record average prices of $30,748, up 6.9 percent from a year ago, but don’t blame the automakers.

As U.S. car sales pick up, trade-ins becoming ...

The economy remains wobbly, unemployment is still high, and yet people are buying new cars at a pace that would suggest a sweeping wave of prosperity.

U.S. automakers post best monthly sales since 2007

The recovery in the American auto industry has moved into the fast lane.

MyFord Touch computer updates offer improvements for owners

One down, 300,000 to go. Last week, I installed the software fixes that the 300,000 Ford and Lincoln vehicle owners will soon receive to improve the control system in their Focuses, Explorers, Edges and MKXs.

Low interest rates, high resale values fuel auto ...

A perfect storm in the leasing business recently blew a new GMC pickup into Roger Cade’s driveway.

More choices, higher mileage found in fuel-efficient cars

With national gasoline prices averaging about $3.80 a gallon and the fuel above $4 in many states, consumer auto information sites are taking a new look at the fuel economy of vehicles and making recommendations.

Automakers put a lot of work in creating ...

They is only a 3-inch or so swatch of a vehicle worth thousands and thousands of dollars, a metallic stamp on the rump of any car, truck or SUV on the planet.

Subaru, Mazda top Customer Reports Automaker Report Card

Subaru and Mazda received the top scores in Consumer Reports’ annual Automaker Report Card and Japanese automakers claimed the five top spots, the widely followed magazine said Tuesday.

U.S. car dealers ‘poised for a really good ...

As the nation’s auto dealers gathered for their annual convention, the mood was driven by growing profits, the anticipation of new vehicles and the potential of social networks to boost sales as the bad memories of 2009 fade.

Ford, GM lead industry to best vehicle reliability ...

Four out of the top 10 brands in J.D. Power’s reliability study are from Ford or General Motors and their performance contributed to the industry’s best overall score in the history of a study that dates back to 1990.

Hyundai struggles to get U.S. production to match ...

Hyundai Motor America is squeezing as much production as possible out of its facilities in the United States, but it will not be enough to meet demand, CEO John Krafcik told dealers at a J.D. Power and Associates conference in Las Vegas on Friday.

U.S. auto sales rise in January, led by ...

U.S. auto sales are off to a strong start this year, continuing their brisk pace from late 2011.

Fuel efficiency takes center stage at Memphis auto ...

Hybrids, electrics and clean diesels took center stage at the Memphis International Auto Show recently as most major manufacturers will highlight their new cars that get 40 or more miles per gallon.

Bold new designs a sign of change in ...

Legendary nameplates vied with brash newcomers as automakers from around the world rolled out an extraordinary collection of vehicles this week at the North American International Auto Show.

Automakers in a race to gain buyers of ...

Shoppers looking for family passenger cars could be winners of a war breaking out in the auto industry.

Americans bought more cars and trucks in 2011

Americans bought more cars and trucks last year, inspired by easier credit, an improved economy and the desire to replace aging vehicles that got them through the Great Recession.

American automakers take back market share in 2011

This year, for the first time since 1988, all three Detroit automakers have gained market share in the U.S.

Competitors hot on Japanese automakers heels in sales

What worries Manish Sahay, the sales manager of Star Hyundai-Bayside, a New York City dealership in Queens for South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Co., is a stock shortage.

Alabama pushing toward top in American auto production

Alabama’s annual auto production is expected to near 900,000 in the next few years, a mark that could push it into the top three auto-making states in the country.

Drivers finally start replacing older vehicles in November

People are finally replacing the cars and trucks they held on to during the economic slump, giving a big boost to U.S. auto sales in November.

Environmentally friendly cars shine at Japanese car show

Green cars rolled into the spotlight at the Tokyo auto show as Japan’s automakers look to fuel efficient technology to reinvigorate growth after tough times.

Chevrolet's century of heritage inspires strong customer loyalty

Nearly 25 years after David Caver graduated from high school, he still has the same best friend and his cherished 1969 Camaro convertible.

Ford aims to revitalize Lincoln brand with updated ...

AutoNation Inc., the largest new-car seller in the U.S., owns 18 Mercedes-Benz stores and 11 BMW franchises, but only two that sell Lincolns.

Ohio tax incentives to help Chrysler hire, retain ...

Chrysler Group LLC plans to announce that it will hire 1,105 workers in Toledo, Ohio, just three weeks after hourly workers narrowly approved a new labor contract with the United Auto Workers union.

Look at compact Buick Verano to gauge GM’s ...

Watch the Buick Verano carefully. The upscale compact car will say a lot about whether General Motors’ global strategy works.

Can-do Detroit now improving products by leaps and ...

Once, there was an automobile industry that rebelled against any suggestion of improved fuel economy, that labeled as “impossible” the achievement of more miles per gallon without reduced crash safety, that treated economy cars as motorized dross for the poor and certifiably less fortunate.

New crop of electric vehicles draws buyers to ...

Electric vehicles are giving automakers a boost automakers a boost - in marketing appeal.

Cheaper gas helps domestic carmakers ring up truck ...

The Detroit Three can thank low gas prices for sales gains in September, which led to marketshare gains for General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC, as U.S. light-vehicle sales reached their highest level since April.

Analyst: Auto sales should continue to grow for ...

A senior analyst for J.D. Power and Associates said Tuesday that U.S. demand for new vehicles should continue to slowly rise over the next few years as aging vehicles are replaced and new car buyers enter the market.

Chevrolet Cruze challenging for top of compact car ...

Just a year ago, no one could touch the kings of compact cars, the venerable Toyota Corolla and feisty Honda Civic.

Glimpse of Chrysler’s future reveals cause for excitement

I just got a 700-mile glimpse of Chrysler’s future, and there’s plenty to look forward to. Good fuel economy, terrific handling, a quiet, comfortable ride and roomy interior, for a start.

Super luxury carmakers dispel debt crisis gloom

What sovereign debt crisis? Lamborghini’s racy Gallardo, Maserati’s concept SUV and the new hardtop Ferrari 458 Spider on display at the Frankfurt Auto Show immediately dispel any gloom emanating from the European Central Bank tower across town where bankers are trying to salvage Europe’s single currency.

American automakers capture more market share in August

The Detroit Three gained U.S. share in August for the sixth straight month, benefiting from Japanese automakers’ inventory woes and fresh lineups. But Japanese competitors are preparing to fight back.

2012 BMW 650i Convertible combines luxury, crisp looks

The all-new 2012 650i marks a new chapter in BMW convertible history.

GMC Acadia delivers perfect virtues for most families

This Summit White Acadia from Integrity GMC gets 24 miles per gallon in highway driving.

Honda CR-V packs power but keeps fuel costs ...

This CR-V EX-L from Economy Honda has plenty of creature comforts and topflight fuel economy.

2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo sure to quicken your ...

The 2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo has a top track speed of 172 miles per hour.

Lexus RX-350 remains gold standard for crossover SUVs

This Truffle Mica 2010 Lexus RX 350 is one of the best selling luxury crossover SUVs on the market.

Mitsubishi’s new Lancer Sportback boasts versatility, simple goodness

New for 2010, the trusty Mitsubishi Lancer compact sedan is available in a five-door hatch version called the Sportback.

Chevrolet Camaro SS energizes new American muscle movement

This Victory Red 2010 Camaro 2SS represents the top trim in Chevrolet’s new Camaro line.

Nissan’s Murano still a pearl amid a market ...

This 2010 Murano LE is a top-of-the-line model in the popular Glacier Pearl color.

Saab 9-3 convertible appeals to drivers with a ...

This 2010 Snow Silver Metallic Saab 9-3 convertible from Kelly Saab cuts a rakish profile.

Jetta SportsWagen showcases virtues of turbo-diesel engines

This Jetta SportsWagen TDI is a good choice for drivers with an active lifestyle.

Jaguar’s new 2011 XJL flagship sedan redefines luxury ...

The new XJL body style has a rakish roofline that gives the luxury sedan the sleek profile of a coupe

Ford’s small 2010 Escape SUV filled with techno-wizardry

The Ford Escape is a good compromise vehicle for small families and singles.

Yukon Denali reminds Americans why they love full-size ...

It’s tempting to call the GMC Yukon Denali a poor man’s Cadillac Escalade — problem is, poor men don’t buy $55,000 SUVs.

Toyota’s sporty 2011 Sienna adds flavor to vanilla ...

Toyota is injecting sportiness into the minivan segment with its new 2011 Sienna.

GMC Sierra blends work muscle with sophisticated road ...

The 2010 Sierra is the latest in a long line of GMC work trucks.

Audi’s Q5 compact luxury SUV a handsome handy ...

Truth be told, most SUVs are homely. Squint your eyes and you’ll see a boxcar.

Dodge Grand Caravan filled with posh family comforts

If your heart’s desire is a living room on wheels, look no further than Dodge Grand Caravan SXT.

Chevy Malibu takes place among top family sedans

Three years into its design cycle, the 2010 Chevrolet Malibu is still a stylish and economical alternative in the mid-size sedan segment.

New Infiniti M37 proves sleeker, more luxurious than ...

After a year of test-driving a car each week, I’ve frankly become a little jaded.

Honda Pilot still soars among mid-size SUVs

Honda’s mid-size Pilot SUV is as versatile as a blue suit.

New, redesigned 2010 Toyota 4Runner ready to rumble

Quick. What adjectives come to mind when you think of the Toyota 4Runner?

Acura MDX gets a facelift and 6-speed transmission

From a certain angle, the Acura MDX appears to be smiling.

Cadillac SRX has sleek profile with car-like highway ...

While we were testdriving a 2010 Cadillac SRX from Kelly Cadillac, the dealership called to request we hurry back...

Lincoln MKX offers occupants a cocoon of comfort ...

The five-passenger luxury crossover market is a sweet spot for automakers seeking to attract small, affluent families and boomers with grandchildren.

New Dodge heavy-duty truck works hard and plays ...

Motor Trend magazine calls the 2010 Dodge heavy duty trucks "the hardest working trucks in tow business."

Ford Mustang for 2010 bridges generations of car ...

I remember my first spin in a Mustang. It was 1967, and I was 8 years old.

Volvo XC90 a safe and sporty seven-passenger alternative

While SUVs have waned in popularity in the last two years, safety and sportiness never go out of style.

Nissan Altima Adds Excitement to Buttoned-down Segment

As Nissan’s bread-andbutter sedan, the Altima must appeal to a broad swath of customers.

Sleek new 2011 Jaguar XJ goes on sale ...

When race car driver Davy Jones says Jaguar has hit the bull’s eye with its new fl agship sedan, the XJ, he should know.

'Purpose-built' 2010 Lexus hybrid defines luxury class

A gee-whiz option on the new-for-2010 Lexus HS 250h sedan is called the "driver attention monitor."

Subaru Legacy for 2010 Features Roomier Interior

Subaru has up-sized the Legacy for 2010 in an effort to carve out more market share for this sometimes overlooked sedan.

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