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Test Drive: Challenger SRT Hellcat unleashed

If you're not a automobile junkie, the numbers attached to the new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat might not mean much to you.

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Test Drive: Upgraded Honda CR-V still king of the hill (with video)

Little things about Honda vehicles make me smile.

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Test Drive: Volvo S80 gets four-cylinder turbo option (with video)

Volvo's stated corporate strategy is to ask itself: "What can we do to make the customer's life better, easier or more comfortable?"

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Test Drive: New Colorado takes aim at midsize pickup segment

Is there a market for a baby Chevy Silverado?

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Test Drive: Range Rover, king of luxury SUVs

If you want to climb over boulders while eating caviar on a cracker, this is your ride. Later, you might even want to drag race a Camaro while taking a short-cut across a creek bed.

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Test Drive: Ford ponies up for new-look Mustang

About once a decade, Ford goes back to the drawing board to keep the Mustang polished and packed with modern automotive goodness.

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Test Drive: Nissan Frontier — a rugged, practical hauler (with video)

Let's face it, most people who drive pickups for basic transportation don't need big, half-ton work trucks such as the Nissan Titan or the Ford F-150. For folks who just need a truck to get the kids to school, or maybe to haul an occasional Christmas tree or a pile of mulch, a compact truck does the job perfectly.

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Test Drive: Kia Sedona gets handsome redesign

Typically, I spend about five minutes a year thinking about minivans — and I'm a car guy.

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Test Drive: Toyota burnishes Camry's crown

Toyota Camry, America's best-selling car, gets a major update for the 2015 model year -- two years ahead of schedule.

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Test Drive: New Escalade not for the bashful

Taking the wheel of the new Cadillac Escalade — especially one painted Raven Black with a mirror finish — requires a certain hey-look-at-me attitude.

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Test Drive: Q3 rounds out Audi's SUV lineup

Picking out your new Audi SUV is now as easy as ordering a fountain drink at McDonald's. Just pull up to the showroom and say small, medium or large.

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Test Drive: Audi A3 Cabriolet: A drop-top dynamo

Fresh off the heels of the release of the sensational new 2015 A3 sedan last spring, Audi is now shipping to American shores a great example of late-summer road candy.

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Test Drive: Outbacks rock on mountain roads

Kelly Subaru sales manager Steve Marlin reports an eager customer recently spotted a tractor-trailer truck hauling 2015 Outbacks over Monteagle Mountain and tailed it all the way to his Chattanooga dealership.

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Test Drive: Heavy-duty silverado has torque to burn

Once upon a time — before the Great Recession spread darkness across the land — some guys bought three-quarter ton pickup trucks just because they look cool.

Test Drive: Acura TLX, best of two worlds

To borrow a line from an old Certs commercial, the new Acura TLX sedan is "two, two, two cars in one."

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Test Drive: MKC compact crossover does not downsize on luxury

Talk about striking when the iron is hot. The new Lincoln MKC luxury compact crossover is arriving just in time to capitalize on a red-hot market segment.

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Test Drive: Dodge Durango offers power, refinement

It took "Anchorman" character Ron Burgundy (aka comedian Will Ferrell) to call America's attention to the Dodge Durango.

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Test Drive: New Hyundai Sonata raises stakes

It seems like only yesterday that a redesign of the Hyundai Sonata sedan set the auto industry abuzz.

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Test Drive: Scorching new GTI is Volkswagen's wild child

If the new seven-passenger SUV to be made in Chattanooga represents Volkswagen's practical side, the new Golf GTI compact car is VW with its hair on fire.

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Biz Bulletin: What to watch out for when shopping for used cars

Q: Our family is looking to get a used car soon. Does the BBB have any tips to consider before making a purchase?


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